BitMonet Open-source project enables 143.3 million Tumblr blogs to monetize content with Bitcoins

As we continuously strive to make it easier for publishers to monetize digital content, we are extremely proud to announce that we are adding support for Tumblr and Blogger. With this new support 143.3 million Tumblr blogs and millions of other Blogger sites can now monetize their content with Bitcoin. Also, they can use the fiat and social microtransactions capabilities of BitMonet to further increase their revenue and grow their user base.


Add BitMonet code to your theme once



Enable BitMonet for a specific post

In addition to adding support for Blogger and Tumblr platforms, we are also making it super simple for publishers to integrate BitMonet to any website. For Tumblr, Blogger, and for any custom site, all the publisher has to do it fill out a short form, and then copy and paste the generated code to their site. With our WordPress plug-in, even copying and pasting is not required.

As always, there is no BitMonet transaction fees. Also, the publisher has the freedom to customize BitMonet in any way possible as all our code is available on Github.

Check out the seamless integration process here.

Interested in contributing to the BitMonet Open-source Project? Reach out to us at



  1. says

    This is so freaky but I just wrote an article about how bitcoin can save the newspaper industry by using a payment methodology just like Bitmonet’s. Hopefully someone at News International will your service. Heres’ my article

    • Ankur says

      You should check out the demo on our website to see a live example of how a newspaper would use our open-source service.


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