BitMonet Open-source project enables 143.3 million Tumblr blogs to monetize content with Bitcoins

As we continuously strive to make it easier for publishers to monetize digital content, we are extremely proud to announce that we are adding support for Tumblr and Blogger. With this new support 143.3 million Tumblr blogs and millions of other Blogger sites can now monetize their content with Bitcoin. Also, they can use the… Read More

Here’s How Your Content can Generate 10x More Revenue with BitMonet’s New Features

Publishers and Content Creators have long struggled to maintain a balance between generating revenue, while ensuring and expanding viewership. We developed BitMonet, an open-source microtransactions platform based on Bitcoins, to tackle this problem. However, being that it is still difficult to acquire Bitcoins, many publishers are hesitant to use Bitcoins as the only mode of… Read More