Here’s How Your Content can Generate 10x More Revenue with BitMonet’s New Features

Publishers and Content Creators have long struggled to maintain a balance between generating revenue, while ensuring and expanding viewership. We developed BitMonet, an open-source microtransactions platform based on Bitcoins, to tackle this problem. However, being that it is still difficult to acquire Bitcoins, many publishers are hesitant to use Bitcoins as the only mode of payment. To solve this problem and increase the adoption of Bitcoins, today we are excited to launch three new features that will drastically increase revenue for the publisher, while at the same time making the content accessible for users who don’t own Bitcoins.

BitMonet Payment Modal

As you will notice from the UI, the emphasis is still on bitcoins, but we are making additional payment options available to the consumers. We are adding the following new features:

1) PayPal Microtransactions: BitMonet now provides the option of implementing micro-transactions via PayPal balance transfer. With this new feature, you can now accept payment for your content in 25 additional currencies.

BitMonet: Pay with PayPal

2) Tweet to read the article: Twitter fans: BitMonet is now aboard the Tweetdeck! With this new functionality, you won’t go unheard; your Tweeted content can spread awareness to enhance your visibility through social media.

BitMonet: Tweet to read

3) Pay with credit card for large transactions: Last but certainly not least, BitMonet now allows you to accept payments through credit cards for large-value transactions.

As we strive to make it easy even for your Grandma to use BitMonet for her website, you can use these new features without writing a single line of code and you can get started in less than 30 seconds. As always, for all the bitcoin and open-source enthusiasts out there, all of the code we write is open-source, so you are free to change or modify it in all possible ways.

We are confident that these features will not only increase your revenue, but also will allow you to spend more time working on your content, rather than worrying about monetization and dealing with pesky ad networks.

Want to give these features a try? Check out the demo here.


  1. Paul says

    Are you not able to provide an option for those paying with credit cards or paypal to pay a small percentage extra (small enough to make charge backs unlikely) which in turn gives them a pre-loaded coinbase wallet. That way they can actually start experimenting with bitcoins.

    IMO startups need to look at ways if easily getting small but useful sums of coins into people’s hands via methods such as this or loyalty rewards. Especially for micro payment platforms like yours.

    Just my thoughts anyway. Good luck moving forward.

    • Ankur says

      Paul, that’s a great idea. I will look into the feasibility of implementing it.

      BitMonet is an open-source project, so if you want to get involved, please let me know.

      • Paul says

        I didn’t actually realise it was open source. Frustratingly I’m not a coder but will put my thinking cap on. I organise the London Bitcoin meet ups / Bitcoin focus events so got a good knowledge of who’s getting their hands dirty in London. Will let people know.

          • paul says

            Will do. Btw, you have a small typo on your home page – under “powered by bitcoin” you;re missing a “t” in “stay” :)

          • Ankur says

            Thanks Paul. I just fixed it. Btw check the Get Started page. We have made it super simple to integrate BitMonet and added support for Blogger.


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